Friday, April 13, 2007

Zybez Market Priceguide

Runescape throws up a lot of inconsistent price evaluations - this is mainly due to the fact that different people have a different perception of what price they are willing to pay for any runescape item.

Any runescape help site will find it extremely hard to accurately reflect any set prices - as players can change their perception of an items value on a whim or through a new update into the game. The prices for runescape rare items are extremely unstable due to long term merchanting since the days of runescape classic and the introduction of new skills such as slayer that has had an impact on the overall runescape economy.

With such instability in prices, it is hard to always keep up to date and many help sites have opted to include price ranges rather than specific set trading prices. This enables some fluctuations to occur within the marketplace but doesn't always necessarily reflect the most up to date prices.

Zybez have put together a price database and it is one of the more widely used databases that can be updated regularly to reflect the latest prices in the game. I would suggest people take note of it and always check with it whenever they are considering a large item purchase - it should be reasonably up to date and give an indication to players whether or not they should make their purchase.

Merchanting players should always be aware of the latest item prices in runescape in order to avoid potential losses while trading. In time I plan to include a more function item prices database rather than the current article listings, although in the mean time, Zybez have an excellent market priceguide for players to utilise until I am able to compete effectively. Players wishing to write any guides are welcome to register on my main runescape help site and help me in the process of getting a comprehensive site completed.


Ben said...

My Market Price Guide is updated on a daily basis usually (scroll over the recently updated items for the last update time). This means for frequently changing items such as discontinued/rare/treasure trail items, the prices should be up to date within one or two days of their latest shift in the market price. Thanks for referencing it in your blog :)!

(ps. yes this is me and not some noob, pm me on if you really want to know:p)

Latona said...

Thanks for the comment and yes, I endorse the priceguide mainly because any price listings will be out of date (no matter how hard a webmaster tries to maintain it, it will be outdated quickly).

The price database is an efficient way to continually update runescape prices to help players make wise decisions regarding anything they want to merchant.

RSCop09 said...

I would like to have a way to get some sort of applet for your guide for clan and fansites. My clan focuses on certain items,a nd wants to keep track of their prices... having our own guide, based off of your database,w ould make us definitely use your market guide as our source of information.

It would help a lot of clans and fansites. Please consider it.